Wealthcare Resources
The following is a list of links you may find useful for finding more information on WealthCareSM-related issues. We are not responsible for the content of any of these sites, nor do we endorse them; we are merely providing the links for your convenience.
Estate Planning Links

Estate Planning Links by Dennis M. Kennedy. The primary purpose of this page is to provide a list of helpful links for other estate planning attorneys and other professionals involved in estate planning to assist in research, gathering information and using what is available on the World Wide Web.

eSignal Online provides stock quotes, online financial portfolio management, market analysis, and more.

The online companion to the CNNfn television network offers current market information and financial news stories, as well as information on the on-air network's programming.

The StreetEYE Index offers a browsable index and search engine for Internet resources of interest to investors and investment professionals.
The IRS Forms and Publications Directory

A comprehensive set of printable, submittable tax forms and instruction documents in Acrobat, PCL, and PostScript formats.
The CNBC Ticker Guide

This guide explains how to use the information provided on CNBC's ticker.

CPA - Kathryn V. Ross

A great CPA firm in Winter Park, FL, provides a full array of services including compilation and payroll returns services for small businesses, individual, business and estate and trust tax returns, and financial consultation services. They also provide elder care services for retirees which includes a full variety of assistance from bill paying and check reconciliation to filing health care claim forms for our mature clients.

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