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Wealthcare SM Discussion - Speech Topics:  

For companies, social or professional groups, we offer a series of educational presentations, seminars and workshops on various subjects related to WealthCareSM planning including, but not limited to, the following:  

  • Domestic vs. International Estate Planning - Opportunities
  • Threats to Your Wealth - Having Wealth is One Thing, Keeping It is Another
  • Wealth Transfer Taxes - Legal Strategies to Minimize and Avoid Them
  • Protecting Your Assets From ...? - Myths and realities of Asset Protection Planning
  • The Jumbo IRA - Blessing or Curse. Integrating Retirement Plan and IRA Benefits Into Your Wealth Transfer Planning
  • How a Family Foundation Can Benefit a Wealthy Family
  • WealthCareSM for Women
  • Dealing With the IRS (Hand-to-Hand Combat 101)
  • When the IRS Wants to Play Rough (Hand-to-Hand Combat 102)
  • Money Managers, Brokers, Financial Planners, CPA's and Attorneys - How to Choose and Manage Them
  • Creating and Managing a WealthCareSM Team for You and Your Family
  • Estate Planning Malpractice - Don't Let Someone You Care About Become a Victim
  • Family Limited Partnerships - Family Control, Asset Protection, and Valuation Discounts - Too Good to Be True?
  • The Small Business Owner - Unique WealthCareSM Problems and Opportunities 
For more information on WealthCareSM presentations and materials, Contact Kenneth Wheeler.
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