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to protect your estate, and keep it all in your family
According to a 1996 estate planning survey (conducted by Merrill Lynch), the majority of Americans are not aware that current tax laws impose an excise tax of from 37-60% on all transfers of wealth, such as gifts and bequests, to family members and heirs. Described as the success tax and the biggest tax one will ever pay, this tax can significantly erode if not wipe out a family's wealth in the blink of an eye. 
   When they become aware of this tax, many people erroneously perceive it to be inevitable and unavoidable like the income tax. Some also believe that planning to minimize or avoid this tax will either cause them to lose their assets or to lose control of their assets. 
   It is no longer possible for a working family in the '90's to save sufficient wealth on which to retire. Corporate down-sizing, restrictive IRA/pension plan laws, an income tax structure which discourages savings, a predatory legal system, the high incidence of divorce in the society, and a near-bankrupt Social Security system all combine to make a financially secure retirement an illusion for most Americans. The quality of life the junior members your family may someday enjoy will in large part depend on how well you plan to protect your family wealth today -- i.e., how much of your wealth you have succeeded in keeping in your family. 
   WealthCareSM planning allows you to control and enjoy your assets as long as you are able. It will ensure that your wealth stays in your family. Most importantly, it will transfer your wealth to your family in keeping with your core values and financial philosophy  Yes, good, values-based estate planning takes time and costs money, but in the final analysis, it will give you the opportunity to create a legacy which will endure for future generations in your family. 
    You do this kind of planning for two very good reasons, because you love your family and you want to take care of them. 
    It has been observed that there are two systems of taxation in the U.S., one for the informed and one for the uninformed. The uninformed always pay more. State and federal governments desperately need money and will tax the wealthier members of the society to get it. Take steps now to protect your wealth and keep it in your family.
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