HSA Technology You Have to See to Believe

The WealthCare HSA mobile app uses SMART account technology to better guide your healthcare spending through a personalized experience – all right from your fingertips.

WealthCare Platform

Access SMART Accounts

To access and download your WealthCare SMART Account, simply go to your AppStore and search for WealthCare HSA. Download your app, follow the prompts to create a username and password (if you don’t already have one), enter your employer ID and your employee ID (which you can find on your debit card carrier), and you’re off to the races!

SMART Account Features

  • SMART Score tells you how on track you are to making the most of your healthcare dollars
  • Intuitive Mobile Experience allows you to navigate the app with ease and without frustration
  • Virtual Medicine Cabinet helps you manage your prescription and over-the-counter drug costs
  • Tailored Savings Recommendations enable you to assess how your (and your dependents’) known chronic health conditions impact lifelong healthcare savings needs
  • Cost and Quality Insights allow you to find the best providers

Case Study #1: Sally’s Prescription Savings

Regular Medications: Humalog, Lantus, Glucagon

Previously Paid: $297.12/month

Sally’s Savings: $31.84/month on Glucagon alone

Case Study #2: Harry Heart Condition

In this case study, you’ll notice that Harry has input his pre-existing heart condition, which shows him the difference between his current HSA balance and his lifetime out of pocket healthcare costs to help him plan his healthcare savings strategy.  

Average Savings Excess without Preexisting Condition: $18,000

Additional Savings Needed Once Harry Inputs his Condition: $30,000

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