Privacy Policy

We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of today’s consumers and the requirements of applicable federal and state privacy laws. We believe that making you aware of how we use your non-public personal Information (“PersonalInformation”), and to whom it is disclosed, will form the basis for a relationship oft rust between us and the public that we serve. This Privacy Statement provides that explanation. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time consistent with applicable privacy laws.

In the course of our business, we may collect Personal Information about you from the following sources:

  • From applications or other forms we receive from you or your authorized representative
  • From your transactions with, or from the services performed by, us, our affiliates, or others
  • From our internet web sites
  • From the public records maintained by governmental entities that we either obtain directly from those entities, or from our affiliates or others
  • From consumer or other reporting agencies

Our Policies Regarding the Protection of the Confidentiality and Security of Your Personal Information
We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access or intrusion. We limit access to the Personal Information only to those employees, contractors and agents who need such access in connection with providing products or services to you or for other legitimate business purposes. We will at all times comply with all laws and regulations to which we are subject regarding the collection, use and disclosure of individually identifiable Information.

Our Policies and Practices Regarding the Sharing of Your Personal Information

We may share your Personal Information with our affiliates. We also may disclose your Personal Information to:

  • Agents, brokers or representatives to provide you with services you have requested
  • Third-party contractors or service providers who provide services or perform marketing or other functions on our behalf
  • Governmental entities to meet our legal requirements connected to the collection, retention and disclosure of individually identifiable Information, such as tax reporting or identification of money laundering
  • Law enforcement in connection with investigations, or civil or criminal subpoenas or court orders

In addition, we will disclose your Personal Information when you direct or give us permission, when we are required by law to do so, or when we suspect fraudulent or criminal activities. We also may disclose your Personal Information when otherwise permitted by applicable privacy laws such as, for example, when disclosure is needed to enforce our rights arising out of any agreement, transaction or relationship with you.

Certain states afford you the right to access your Personal Information and, under certain circumstances, to find out to whom your Personal Information has been disclosed. Also, certain states and the Safe Harbor principles afford you the right to request correction, amendment or deletion of your Personal Information. We reserve the right, where permitted by law, to charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs incurred in responding to such requests.

All requests must be made in writing to the following address:

1601 Trapelo Road
South Building, Second Floor
Waltham, MA 02451


1601 Trapelo Road | Main Building, Suite 301

Waltham, MA 02451